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I worked closely with Intellectual Property Lawyer Robert Klinck to create this Personal Brand Photography Contract Bundle to make protecting yourself and your personal brand photography business as easy as possible.

This is specifically for Personal Brand Photography, so there's very few places where you will need to "fill in the blank".

Because the last thing you need is to buy a contract template, only to find that you still have to write your own policies!

If you've taken the Personal Brand Photography course, then this contract already aligns with the policies and commercial use license I recommend there.

All you need to do is have your lawyer do a quick review to make sure that it is congruent with your specific situation and you'll be set to go!

And as a friendly FYI, this is being sold separately from the course and is NOT included there.

Here's what's included in the Bundle:

  • Personal Brand Photography Agreement* for a Single Session
  • Personal Brand Photography Agreement* for Quarterly Sessions
  • Model Release for Adults
  • Model Release for Minors
  • Video Tutorial from Robert Klinck, IP Lawyer, walking you through each clause so you fully understand it.

* Includes Commercial Use License

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Frequently Asked Questions

The last thing I want is for you to open this contract and feel like it's only half-written and that you've got to write in a ton of different policies and make a lot of modifications.

We created this contract template specifically to align with what I teach in my course, so there are very few places that you'll need to "Fill in the blank".

Specifically, you'll need to fill in the following information:

  • Personal Information for You and Your Client (Name, address, links, etc.)
  • Pricing & Package Selected
  • Workflow Timeline Details (How long will it take you to deliver the images? How far in advance do you want recurring clients to contact you to book their next session? etc.)
  • How many miles you'll go before you charge extra for travel expenses

If you're following the policies I recommend in my course, the only other modifications you'll need to make are ones recommended by your lawyer to make sure the contract complies with the laws in your location.

Here's a list of clauses that you'll find in the Single Session & Quarterly Session agreements:

  • Description of Services
  • Client's Agreements Related to Services
  • Courtesy
  • Duty to Cooperate in Planning
  • Payment
  • Refund Policy
  • Fees & Costs
  • Travel
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel Delays
  • Cancellation Policy
  • Duty to Arrive on Time
  • Hair, Makeup, and Wardrobe
  • Safety of Client & Photographer
  • Inclement Weather
  • Model Releases
  • Selection & Delivery of Photographs
  • Copyright Ownership
  • License Grant
  • Asserting Copyrights Against Infringers
  • Relationship of Parties
  • Reputation Management
  • Confidentiality
  • Mutual Indemnification
  • Default
  • Remedies
  • Force Majeure
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Entire Agreement
  • Severability
  • Amendment
  • Governing Law
  • Notice
  • Waiver
  • Assignment

A model release for adults and minors are included as separate documents.

Because this is a template, you'll need to have a lawyer review it before use whether you're inside the United States or not.

While it was written in accordance with the laws in the US, it is still a great starting point for non-US photographers to take and have reviewed for their own countries and should save you a substantial amount of money compared to having a lawyer draft it from scratch.

Laws vary significantly based on where you live, both inside the US and in other countries, so this template is provided as a starting point for you to take and have reviewed locally.

Having an existing contract reviewed by a lawyer is significantly less expensive than having them draft one from scratch, and you'll rest assured that your contract will protect you in the worst case scenario.

Editable files will be delivered in a .docx format, which should open in most word processing software. You can also upload it to Google Drive to use and edit there.

The explainer video will be a video file in .mp4 format, which should open and plan on both Mac and PC.

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By clicking the "Buy Contract Now" button, you agree that you understand the following:

I (Jamie M Swanson) am not a lawyer. I worked with a lawyer to develop the Personal Brand Photographer Agreement templates available here. We have done our best to create agreement templates to serve your interests in doing personal brand photography.

As with all the information provided in this program, the templates are for educational and informational purposes only. This information is not intended as, and shall not be understood or construed as, legal advice. Moreover, the templates and information about the templates in this program is not a substitute for advice from a legal professional who is familiar with the facts of your particular situation. You are ultimately responsible for complying with the legal requirements, and neither Stonebeard LLC (DBA The Modern Tog), Klinck LLC, nor any of their employees, agents, owners, or contractors shall be held liable or responsible for any damages you may suffer as a result of using these templates or as a result of failing to seek competent legal advice from a licensed attorney who is familiar with your situation.